Hey. There is no “right” thing for us to do.
Kate Sedgwick

I never said the critique wasn’t valid. But like many other people on here who were actually referred to SURJ by black racial justice activists telling them that we need to work on our racist issues amongst ourselves, can you see how this is contrary to that advice from other black led organizations? I deal with white fragility everyday in my activism. Me asking questions and challenging points of view is not necessarily that I feel. I do not believe it is to anyone’s benefit to just blindly accept whatever any person says including black people. That to me is pandering and riddled with white guilt. There is a palpable lack of cohesion amongst the movement as to how white people should take part. This lack of cohesion weakens the movement. And I never said she was “shutting me down”. I’ve been extremely active in social justice movements since 2011 including black lives matter and I will continue to do so. But for the white folks that I check every day that aren’t as progressive as some of us, I can tell you right now that all this contrary advice is confusing and could absolutely just make some one say “fuck it”. I do not see how just being critical about everything we’re doing wrong without giving advice on how to make it better is helping. Further more, if she’s never actually been to a SURJ meeting then I’m not sure how she can speak so confidently on what goes on behind those doors. I get the impression from the writing she believes that the “white only” spaces are in and of themselves racist spaces because they exclude POC, but BLM itself has said there need to be spaces for white people to process their racism away from the burden of POC. She also insinuates that white people are ONLY anti-racism in those spaces and not anti-racist at work or at home. This is inaccurate and I will not be afraid to call it inaccurate.

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