The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

This is a question that I ask in all seriousness: If people of color should not be expected to do the emotional labor of educating white people about racism and white people aren’t supposed to educate white people about anti-blackness and racism, then who is?

One thing that SURJ does is take their activism into public spaces. The meetings serve as space to educate white people without making people of color burdened or triggered. If we can all agree that in a white supremacist state such as the one in which we have all grown up in brainwashes us, then we must deprogram ourselves of it, which is what happens at SURJ meetings. It has never been my experience that it was expected the SURJ meeting was the only place we practice anti-racism. It IS the expectation however that you go into your everyday life armed and ready to confront other white people who do practice it and attempt to educate them.

There are so many conflicting opinions on how white people can participate in helping to dismantle social justice movements. If we’re silent it’s harmful. If we speak up or go to marches we’re harmful. It is really starting to feel like there is no right thing for us to do.

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