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How to Ask Powerfully [PODCAST]

Saren Stiegel
Jul 5, 2017 · 2 min read
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Tiffany Liu at Glow Effect’s 2017 event

Goal setting is fantastic, but more so is understanding your purpose — your mission. What are we here to do better than anybody? What is your cause and calling? If that doesn’t come through, I don’t care what goals people have, you’re going to miss the motivation.” -Tiffany Liu

Catch Episode 7 of Season 2 of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING!


In Part 2 of our ASKing exploration, Saren talks to the Featured Leaders from the June 2017 Glow Effect event at WeWork in Los Angeles. Join:

  • Bri Seeley, Founder of Permission to Leap, The Inspirational Woman Project, and
  • Elizabeth Freise, Senior Manager of Brand Strategy, PopSugar
  • Chauncea Carothers, Co-Founder of The Fount Group
  • Tiffany Liu, Vice President of B2B Sales & Innovation, Legal Zoom

…as we dive deep into the 3 main challenges facing rising female leaders and illuminate 3 specific tools to move forward.


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2017 EmpowHER Event

Learning to ask powHERfully was the third part of our four-part event series for high potential women to receive practical tools and in-depth self-discovery to raise the numbers of female leaders and close confidence and pay gaps.

One month after the unique empowerment experience they’ve reflected on their views of women and asking.

What opened up in our conversation is their easy strategies to raise your voice and empower others to do so too.

Be prepared to re-think how we approach female empowerment in Season 2 Episode 7 with Bri, Elizabeth, Chauncea, and Tiffany.

Let’s create a path for all to have a voice!

Love and light,

The Glow Team xx

P.S. Join us at our 2018 #GiveGrowth events in San Francisco and Orange County!

Originally published at on July 5, 2017.

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