My aspiring heroes!

Yes, you heard it. Today am gonna share with you some of my technical aspiring heroes.


But before I start, first let me tell you something about me.

I am a front-end developer and at times UI designer. I possess good knowledge of front-end techniques, love structure, and order and also stand for quality. I love spending time on fixing little details and optimizing web apps. Also, I like working in a team as it helps me learn faster and more. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

Okay enough about me let’s come to the point.

“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.” - Talib Kweli
  1. John Papa
John Papa

He is a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft Regional Director specializing in Web technologies. You can often find him speaking and training at various events around the world in keynotes, workshops, and sessions for events such as Build, ngConf, AngleBrackets, TechEd/Ignite, and VSLive. The author of the blog.

Why is he my hero:

He has done a fantastic job by making angular-styleguide.

By this guide, you can learn how to write angular code using battle-tested patterns to produce code that is easier to maintain, debug and scale.

2. Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel with Lola Lee Beno

He is the co-founder and lead engineer at InVision App, Inc, a company that is at the forefront of the design and user-experience (UX) revolution. He is also an Adobe Community Expert as well as an Adobe Certified Professional in Advanced ColdFusion. In His spare time, He [used to] co-manage the New York City ColdFusion User Group and blog extensively about all aspects of obsessively thorough web application development.

Why is he my hero:

While working in an angular project, whenever I got stuck or faced any problem I look for his expert reviews about that thing on his blog. Almost every time I got an article on his blog regarding that topic.

3. Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani

He is the Staff Engineer at Google working with the Chrome team • Creator of TodoMVC, Yeoman, Material Design Lite, Web Starter Kit • Passionate about web tooling.

Why is he my hero:

This is the men who shares the secrets of chrome developer tools. You can find these secrets on youtube.

4. Chris Coyier

Chris coyier

He is Designer @CodePen. Writer @real_css_tricks. Podcaster @ShopTalkShow. Lead Hucklebucker.

Why is he my hero:

He is the king of CSS, He runs a blog where you can find anything related to CSS.

5. David Walsh

David Walsh

He is a web developer and software engineer from Madison, Wisconsin. In the web world He is an:

Why is he my hero:

He shares obscure javascript tricks. You can find very interesting articles on his blog.

I have a very long list, but that’s enough for now. I’ll talk about them in my next article. Stay tuned for more aspiring heroes!

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