Boston College vs. Clemson: A Tale of False Hope and Heartbreak

This past Saturday, the Boston College Eagles traveled down to South Carolina to take on the Clemson Tigers, the #2 ranked team in the country. All signs pointed to this game being an embarrassing one for Boston College, as they had just lost at home to a struggling Notre Dame team by 29 points, and Clemson had just dismantled the #14 ranked Louisville Cardinals by 26. Going in to the game as 32 point underdogs, the Eagles were not even given the time of day in this game by most college football analysts. And as if the Tigers weren’t already frightening enough, Clemson plays in one of the most intimidating stadiums in the country, nicknamed “Death Valley,” with a capacity of over 82,000 seats (BC’s stadium holds 45,000).

However, from the opening kickoff it was clear that Boston College was not going to simply roll over and let Clemson do what they do to most teams. BC’s defense held the Tiger’s potent offense to only 7 first half points, and intercepted star quarterback Kelly Bryant 2 times in the first half. In the third quarter, freshman running back A.J. Dillon fought through to the end-zone to tie the game up at 7, to give Eagles fans a sense of joy that they hadn’t felt in years. Many fans in attendance, including myself, thought that this might finally be the year that BC beats Clemson. Heading into the fourth quarter with the score still tied at 7, this game was starting to have all the makings of a classic upset. That was until reality struck, and Clemson freshman Travis Etienne was able to run all over the BC defense and the floodgates opened. Heartbreak hit for Eagles fans, and with a final score of 34–7, it was clear who the better team was. However, I know that Boston College fans certainly left this game happy with how our team played, and we walked out of Death Valley extremely proud to be Eagles.

Memorial Stadium, nicknamed “Death Valley,” starts to fill up before kickoff.
An eerie welcome to Memorial Stadium
The Clemson Band ready to welcome the Tigers to the field.
Clemson runs down “the hill” as it enters the stadium in it’s well-known fashion. Excuse the blurriness caused by the deafening crowd noise.
Orange and white balloons litter the sky after the Tiger’s famous entrance.
A sea of orange ready to cheer on Clemson.
Captains of both teams head out to mid-field for the coin toss.
Boston College fans clapping after a big 3rd down stop of the Clemson offense.
Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant rolls out to pass.
The Boston College defense going over final preparations for the 4th quarter.
Eagles fans feeling the heartbreak as Clemson pulls away.
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