Well, that’s what I expected to do.

Luckily a few balls got eaten, and then a few points

I got some games. But what result was terrible.


2: 0 [6: 5, 6: 3]

The moment I shaked the game, I felt a bigger difference.

Blue eyes without fine movements are as if they are stabbing.

Is this human? Tomb

That’s more than one human speech [;;;]

“Thank you. Shin Hee.”

I can see the manager of Hwangjaja who gives a brief thank you.

Thinking when that manager was sweeping the court twenty years ago

Feelings cross. …

The sound of my sub who struck [tuk-] and [휙-]

I felt like coming back together. After returning from [return]

The difference seems obvious. There’s a lot more than that.

I usually play tennis once I have a serve ticket

Next is your opponent once.

To serve more advantageously

Flows the way.

Now this game, despite the fact that I put

Very busy The ball is not heavy but it’s really fast.

“I had to refuse too”

Even in times of great regret,

I can’t take my eyes off the ball The moment I lose my concentration

Your opponent will be scared. …


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