On COVID-19 Serological Testing


One of many serological tests we took. This indicated that antibodies were not present.

We have tested this kit with positive specimens of parainfluenza virus antibody, influenza A virus antibody, influenza B virus antibody, Chlamydia pneumoniae antibody, Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody, adenovirus antibody, respiratory syncytial virus antibody, hepatitis B surface antibody, type C Hepatitis virus antibody, Treponema pallidum antibody, human immunodeficiency virus antibody, EB virus antibody, measles virus antibody, cytomegalovirus antibody, enterovirus 71 antibody, mumps virus antibody, HKU1 virus antibody, OC43 virus antibody, NL63 virus antibody, 229E virus antibody, it does not have cross reaction with the above antibodies.

Said the salesperson from “SLE”

The Problem

The results revealed a sensitivity of 69% and 93.1% for IgM and IgG, respectively, based solely on PCR-positivity due to the absence of a serological gold standard. The assay specificities were shown to be 100% for IgM and 99.2% for IgG.


| Manufacturer | Antibody | Max Positive Dilution |
| Elab | NP | 1:1600 |
| LBP | NP | 1:100 |
| Eubo (Orient Gene) | S1 | 1:400 |
| GH | S1 | 1:800 |
| Xian Henrikang | S1 | 1:800 |
| BRT | N/A | N/A |
| LBP | N/A | N/A |
| A | N/A | N/A |
The gradient of results from 1:200 to 1:3200

What’s Next



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