Looming Questions

Ever since I started working as an intern at Betaworks, I have started to think about this new “bot trend” even more.

There are so many questions that I am looking answers for. Here are some of them —

  • How do Google’s instant apps affect development of bots on Android? Both instant apps and bots are in their nascent stages. The trend that goes mainstream first within the developer community will likely largely affect the other trend for Android users.
  • What sorts of business models will pop up? Will there be bot-as-a-service model? Will there be a subscription model? Will there be free bot services with ads or affiliate marketing?
  • How do the underlying platforms make money off of this new phase? Will the platforms charge deployment fees? Or will they have revenue sharing arrangements with the bots?
  • What are truly bot-first use cases?
  • How do we build communities around bots? What would make bots sticky? How will data collection work? How will ads work?