I think the way that most people get into product management is that they find an area that is chaotic and exert order on things. You can do that from any role — as a developer you can take something that is an independent project, start organizing it, communicating with stakeholders about what’s going on, and you essentially become a product manager.
Coffee with Cara Meverden
Jess Ratcliffe

This is super thoughtful. And, very relatable. I am currently interning. I essentially looked at the skill set needed for PM and tried to craft a role in the organization wherein I become the central node of communication between teams and other shareholders. It’s so rewarding. The first question I ask in every meeting is “What do you need today to get your top three tasks done well?”. I would hunt down the right person to help me remove whatever obstacle is stopping the teams from getting shit done. Thanks Jess and Cara Meverden!

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