Dhoti: the change in fashion

The Indian fashion line is a complete reflection of every inch of the Indian land along with its vibrant culture and different traditions. The diversity in culture, food, living, traditional clothing and the accessories have never been in sync in every city or state. The difference is seen and noticeable in every aspect. The colours, the difference in the Indian shoes and the jewellery like for instance the bridal chudha, heavy nose rings, anklets and toe rings are not just a part of fashion but the perfect gifts for weddings and festivals.

The past has evolved and transformed into a completely new trend that includes the classic Indian clothing and accessories. For instance, the sari is not thought of as a traditional everyday wear. It is used as one of the most elegant garments that have often made a statements at the most important occasions. Ethnic dharas of Meghalaya and sarong from Manipur have become trendy and the new clothing line for convocations and graduation. Traditions have changed and given a new look which now matches up to the change in fashion.

Men have seen a complete transformation and change in the Indian flavour.The perfect Indian shoes and dhoti pants have become one of the most classic presents for men. The cosmopolitan Indian man is no longer the relaxed peaceful chilled out human who lags behind in fashion.Contrary to keeping it safe the entire year, Indian men have began tampering with different looks and the chic Indian clothing and accessories. Every work schedule becomes hectic which is not like the old times any more and

Dhoti yet man has began to think about the essence of keeping up breast with fashion.

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Originally published at onlinedhoti.wordpress.com on December 12, 2014.

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