Dhoti: the mark of a man

The perfect elegant clothes make up for the perfect gifts. The traditional hues and stitching has created an ancient world charm. Matching a pant suit with large jewelled waistbands or bangles have given a woman a different chic look. Contrary to wearing dhoti to official function, man would definitely look silly but at the same time will make one of the biggest style statements if worn correctly and matched with the perfect shoes and accessories. Connecting to the creative details of the clothing line like decorative pins, badges and cuff links can be perfect. The designs are gorgeous and the colours are different.

The chances and opportunities are never ending. People need to take one step in front and think out of the box and in the non conventional manner. It is a fun filled activity that pep’s up a person’s looks without changing the attire. Sticking to Indian clothes, Jewellery and shoes can become a trendsetter.

For example, taking the daily commute to work needs clothes that make the body look comfortable and yet professional. The items of the traditional Indian clothing and garments of the origin of India has meet every need and requirement in the most elegant way possible. It finally boils down to how an individual is capable of showing off his creativity and style. There are a number of choices like the hybrid fashion that mixes with the western style of clothing. Trends set the mark for a man and have always given him a challenge to live up too.

Originally published at silkdhoti.tumblr.com.

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