Kanchipuram sarees and Dhoti: the Indian story

The Indian republic has a lot to give its tourists and it’s own people living under one roof. The land of diversity has a lot to give the new generation of youngsters. There are things that every kid has yet to see and learn about by experiencing every minute of every day. Every Kid has lived under a shell and has always been protected by his or parent. To begin the tour of India, Kid’s are often taken to it’s capital, Delhi. It is a state that has all its history and heritage serve on a platter for people to explore easily.

The historical monuments and museums are things kid’s have always read about and visited several times. Kid’s are never really shown the Himalayan mountains or the hill stations or even the battle fields where the wars were fought. Museums have show cased the Indian national anthem and have also presented the sculptures and cravings from the mahenjo daro and harappan civilization. Kids have often heard stories about the Mahabharata and the Ramayana from their elders. Schools have often taken their students to visit and see places like the old fort, red fort, humayuns tomb and Qutub Minar.

When a south Indian girl gets hitched, she is taught how to wear Kanchipuram sarees that represent a portion of the nation. In a state like Delhi, Kids are happy and excited when looking at the ancient rail museums that present the transformation or the changes of the locomotive rails to the engine rails. There are tons of science museums or centers that have taught a child to comprehend the science of the state amongst a few other things.

Men when getting married in the South, are made to wear a dhoti that shows of their style and elegance and body language. India is the only conservative orthodox country in the world that reeks of religion and traditions. A city like Calcutta has its Birla Planetarium to showcase that consists of a series of galaxies, planets and meteoroids. The flora and fauna of the nation is showcased in places like the national parks, habitations, monuments and the series of forts. Kid’s when on picnics or tours, get to see the adventure side of India and are always exquisite about learning more. The human mind is never at rest and is constantly trying to grasp things all at once.

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