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The basic rural or village attire has always been a simple plain saree and kurta pajamas or even a simple dhoti. The villagers have never really seen classic fabrics or simple elegant designs. The simple souls have only seen the most inexpensive cloth sold in the market. The weather in back in the village is not too pleasant and the poor villagers have to work in the fields all day long. To suit the local weather conditions, the Indian fashion industry has created the most simple clothing for each season and to suit the Indian body.

Ancient history has always talked about wearing long gowns and dresses to cover the entire body and about how each fabric is created to keep the body cool and peaceful. The kings and queens went all the way through to make each thread look graceful and were often in competition with each kingdom. In the British or rather during the English era, nobody ever thought of a thing like sarees or even salwar kameez. When India was reborn as an independent country, the western attire came into play and nobody really thought it would stick around for too long.

In this modern day and age, the younger generation people are accustomed to wearing fancy western attire and have shifted out of wearing the traditional Indian wear. It’s not everyday that people get to show of their traditions and religion. Most parents have often felt that their kids have forgotten about their Indian roots and have no idea how important it is to keep the faith and believe. It’s been years since the British left but there are certain things that have still remained in the Indian soil.

The only thing the British haven’t taken away from India is their unity and the traditions of celebrating each festival and culture. The Kanchipuram sarees are one of them and it’s always pleasing to see how every Indian woman enjoys her Indian roots and enjoys flaunting herself in her Indian clothes. India is a country that has seen days with sun, rain and thunder storms. It has grown in ways people have yet never expected and will never expect or live up too.

Indian weavers or most designers have often kept their word and believed in keeping their Indian roots alive and have always made the most elegant Indian clothes nobody has never seen. The western designers have always tried their hand at creating something Indian or have often tried to embed some of the Indian look into their clothing line but have failed.

Originally published at on November 26, 2014.

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