Things Better Than Capturing Pokemon

If you enjoy catching Pokemon then you will be amazed that there is something even better and more worthwhile. Redeeming deals from littleapp is easier than capturing Pokemon and gives you the best offers on a host of services. If you are situated in countries other than US, Australia and New Zealand then you may have been spared the seemingly harmless Pokemon addiction for some time, but for how long can you keep something on the internet away from you.

Rather than keeping your eyes glued to your mobile screen and away from the rest of the world chasing cartoon characters, spending time on a tangible sport is much better for mind body and heart. A great saint once said “Playing a game of soccer will bring you closer to God than reading all the scriptures” so take a page out of his book, and open up to the world outside, rest assured it will open up to you as well.

You know things are awry when you start seeing Pikachu’s even without your smart phone. There are many hazards of playing the game, mostly from speeding traffic.

Hit the Real Gym –

Next time you are all excited for a gym battle fighting over imaginary turf in the most important location near you.

Be aware that instead of battling other people’s pokemon to station your own, it is better to lift a dumbbell or two in the real gym. It will help in making bigger muscles than holding a feather weight smart phone. Also after a rigorous gym workout there is always the need for a relaxing session at the spa, but with Pokemon and high spa prices it can be often overlooked. Well, through LittleApp you will find astonishing discounts and offers on Spas and Rejuvenation centres offering you best treatments for that tired body. It is sure to bring a spring in your step.

Keep a Pet –

You may travel great distances in order to nourish your imaginary oriental cartoon character fondly referred to as Pokemon by children in the age group 3–6 years. The game incorporates Pokestops which are landmarks given on the map here in this imaginary pit stop you can find pokeballs, potions, revives, and eggs all meant to nourish. How about keeping a real pet and taking care of it to learn the real kind of empathy? Better still adopt one from the animal shelter.

Unconditional love from a living creature is bound to touch your heart and make you more humane. Nature walks will be a part of everyday life with a pet in the house.

Spend your money wisely

If you are critically addicted to playing Pokemon Go and invariably find yourself in dark alleys finding elusive and brightly coloured Pikachus you will also see that the whole expedition is a big drain on your battery.

Now, before you start panicking about life without catching Pokemon, think what all can be done with the extra money you are about to spend on a mobile battery charger. Yes, the world is your playground you can always venture to the nearest movie theatre and see which new releases are playing. With the help of littleapp it is easier than catching a Pokemon to buy movie tickets at discount rates. A wise man in China once said that a man gains wisdom in many ways one of which is through spending his money on things better than a cartoon catching games.

Talking of battery discharge you may find it interesting that you can order Pizza through LittleApp by just three clicks which will take a meagre 1 min of your battery life, whereas catching those cartoon creatures will suck out your battery life faster than you can say Pokemon.

So, don’t be a victim of a game which is designed to suck you into its imaginary world although Pokemon is a good idea and probably alright in small doses, but look up from your screens and take a breath, yes that is the real world!