A good rainy day

A young boy was brought to me. He would not be more than 8 yrs. he had fever cough and cold. As his mom sat there telling me his symptoms I couldn’t focus because the boy was playing some game on the mother’s mobile and the high blatant music that played along just broke my focus. I asked her to take away the mobile from the kid and the moment she did that he went into a fit of anger and started punching his mother like crazy. I was infuriated. I scolded him. He told me the game was at a crucial stage. I felt sorry for technology. It’s a gift for our good. Not to turn us into robots. Into mechanical pieces.

Are you able to get your eyes off the screen of your mobiles and I pads and laptops and switch off the television to see something really real and natural and beautiful? Most people today are not even able to manage a simple chore of sitting by the window or in your balcony and sipping a cup of delicious hot ginger tea and munching on pakoras and watching the pitter patter of the rains. Because we have complicated our lives so much that the simple pleasures of life have ceased to hold any significance in our world. Everyone is short on time and everyone hooked on to viewing what the gadgets offer rather than reaching out to what’s just there in front of you.

There is nothing as beautiful as the rains. When the parched land recieves the drops of water it has been longing for. When the dry summer is replaced by winds that blow you away. When the soil smells incredible and trees look splendid. When the dark stormy clouds that loom over the skies suddenly burst sending to the earth the huge burden they have been carrying and grant us respite from the harsh summer heat.

Nature is resplendent and at its full beauty.

Yet in this great morning travelling by my car as I see people on roads every one seems to be bowed down glaring at their mobile screens . When they stand on bus stops when they travel by metros while they sit behind their drivers. We are riding oblivious to what’s surrounding us. We are blinded by technology unable to see the miracles nature offers.

We are watching and sharing videos of rain forests in amazon . We are watching videos of birds and animals across the globe. Each morning people send pictures of flowers and scenic beauties wishing you a very good morning.

Your life is becoming virtual.

and yet we cannot look up to see the rain right here. The sight of pigeons and so many other birds sipping away water from puddles is a sight to see

Right now beauty is in front of you. Get up lock your phone somewhere. Get yourself a cup of good tea and Deep fried munchies and munch and sip away as you watch lush green trees bathing in water and be thankful to god for the miracles nature bestows on us.

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