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Since time immemorial this tiny creature has been the cause of numerous shouts and shrieks in various houses. The Cockroaches are one of the most revered household pest . My son and I discuss how the cockroach has been one of the longest surviving species on the planet. It existed long before even the dinosaurs and continues till date. The reason for this is the external shell on its body which has evolved much over time and hardened withstanding all external factors and preventing it from extinction. This shell has helped it survive the longest as a specie.

I wish We could be like them. Human beings constantly complain about how the speech or actions and inactions of others hurt them, offended them, caused them grief, disturbed their mind, made them miserable. Took away their peace and are responsible for taking away their sanity.We often have a tendency To blame our fellow human beings and attribute our suffering to them. Someone somewhere in all situations of life all the time is responsible for our plight .The problem is not the external factors but our own weak shell. That is our fragile little mind and ego. Who we allow people to play with. If you wish to survive in this world for long and live happily and safeguard your peace of mind and sanity without allowing anyone to break you or cause you grief the only solution is to develop a shell which is strong enough to prevent the speech or actions of any external source from causing you damage.Which gives you a strength to hear and bear and never break. The world and it’s people will always continue to do and say what they wish to. You have to Develop a shell One as hard and impenetrable as can be. One which is not easily broken or damaged by what others around say or do. We do not suffer due to the speech or actions of others. We suffer because we lower our guard. We suffer because we allow them to permeate through our minds and wreak havoc in it. No one has the power to cause you grief or suffering till you allow them to. No one has the power to meddle with your mind or take away your peace until you allow them to. No one is the cause of your misery but you yourself who permits the words or actions of others to impact you.If you wish for a happy life work on creating a hard shell for yourself. Do not lower your guard and be hurt.

The virus today is as rampant as can be .

Lowering your guard now and being irresponsible and careless is only going to invite more trouble

Stay home stay safe stay put

#Don’t Be A dumb pigeon

Dr Riccha Sarin


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