Everything that glitters is not gold.

I was busily typing a text message on my phone. Repeatedly someone was greeting me. “Namaste madamji”. I was a little busy to look up and reply. He was persistent, I got irritated. I gave him a quick look and said namastey. I am your new guard he told me. I just gave a quick nod and got back to my phone.

We all want to be rich ,famous. We want tons of money. We want stuff money can buy. Lots of it. I was at the jeweller. I look around. Gold diamonds polki etc etc . I look at the sales girl and think about her job. She sits there amidst the glamour and she cant own any of it. She tries them on for the customers to look at. And puts them back in the boxes. I would not be able to do that. I am lured to have everything. I think hats off to these young girls. No one would ever credit them for their honesty. No one would ever even notice them or think worthy of them. Yet to me they looked worthy of praise.

I came back to work the next day. I had misplaced my keys and was frantically searching. The guard saw me. He got on full search mode and found them. I was thankful. I asked him his name. And was set thinking

This is what the situation of life is. We hardly bother to notice the worth of people working around us who do menial jobs for us. We are busy on the fast run of life. We do not have a second to spare or even greet someone.How many of you would stop to greet your driver , or sweeper or gardener .How many will notice the guard at your office door . Who stands in the scorching heat, the rain ,the chilly winds and bears all these extreme Weather conditions. The house maids who keep your homes in perfect conditions . We don’t even bother to know their names

Do you look at them or do you look down upon them.

We are rich we have comforts we have Luxury. We are blessed. This Diwali let’s gift a smile ,a thank you. A gift of gratitude to these people who make our lives comfortable and keep doing our difficult jobs for us.

Look at them and make them feel nice in your own small ways. This is the best gift you can give .

I believe power and money are what drives humans and makes you supreme. But humility and kindness is what makes you unique. Its the quality one forgets when one is in a powerful position. So this Diwali let’s forget our arrogance and show generosity and kindness to those around us. Not just financially but in love .

Let the goddess Laxmi bless you all. Wishing you a very happy Diwali


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