Flu I hate you

With the ongoing flu I am the third victim. My husband on his birthday. Next my son for the last one week and now me one day before my birthday. All my party plans have been screwed. We are gripped by sickness for almost a fortnight now,With high fever snuffles ,chills,aches and pains all over the body I want to pen my thoughts. The thermometer fell off my mouth and shows 102.

How serious is the problem. Very.

Not the flu. That will go in a week’s time. The real problem is that why are we sick so often. Next in cue is dengue and chickengunya. We are at constant threat of sickness . I had been attending 100 patients. Of flu per day before I was caught. Everyone around seems sick and down.

I want to blame the goverment. Easiest thing to do. But are we perfect. Mothers send sick kids to school. They have work commitments or other excursions and no one to watch over sick kids at home. Is that the right approach ? You have just spread the virus to so many more kids and their families,The sick adults attend office cos of work pressure. Ending up spreading sickness to so many more. It’s foolish to do so. Everyone has to be at the movies and malls even while they are coughing and sneezing all along. Not the right way.

Typically a viral infection settles within a week. Try to stay at home in the initial few days and limit spread of the infection. That can be your tiny contribution to society.

If it helps keep cursing the goverment .

Drink hot fluids stay indoors eat nourishing food and wish for a speedy recovery

Signing off hope all stay healthy

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