Google you aren’t a doc.

Since the launch or invention of google ,life has become very convenient. All you need to do is type what you are looking for and press search. And whola google has your answer..yet it does not answer everything

Dear google thanks for being the doctor to the world. Why I have not done an advanced course in googling and just done MBBS I am thinking to myself.

Each day I come across tons of patients who have found out wierd diseases they presume they are suffering from courtesy google. Friends of mine make frantic calls in the middle of nights because google tells them a slight headache can be a brain tumour. A normal cold can be a deadly viral attack which incidentally travelled across the amazon to India.I don’t know how to respond.

Actually I want to scold them for trusting google Over doctors And for also searching all answers on the laptop. Google is not your doctor .I type my own symptoms on google – -fed up of google. And press search. No results found😬😬😬

I think if this goes on The Emotional connect with a doc and good examination will be extinct and treatment will be just be a mechanical robotic computerised procedure. Health care can’t exist that way.

Its care. And not a computer program.

My little one and I are watching Masterchef Australia, he too is quite a foodie like his mother. He looks at me and says mom can you give me this chocolate cake for tiffin tomorrow to school. Its a 13 layer complex cake I can’t even make it in my dreams. I tell him nope I don’t know the proper recipe. He springs into action and gets me my smart phone. “

Google kar lo Na recipe. Itna to easy hai he tells me”

I laugh. Had everything been so easy in life wouldn’t that be great.

I wish sometimes google had answers to problems which bother me each day. Problems much grave

I am watching the news and they are fore casting a war with our neighbor country. Why are people dying in Kashmir?Why haven’t we found peace with our neighbour countries?Why all over our nation we have so much unrest. Why we kill in the name of religion. Why is the pollution in India not controlled. Why chickungunya and dengue have no cure. Why life has become so stressful in spite of so much modernisation and development. Why relationships mean nothing any longer and all that people want is money. Why we are running a race which is tiring us physically mentally emotionally but still we dont wish to rest. Why Arvind Kejriwal can’t see the sad state of our city and is only focused on Narendra Modi. Why we can’t eat unlimited junk food and still be thin. Why our ego stands in the way of our happiness and does not let us be calm. Why despite eating healthy cancer is on the rise.

Am very sure google has no answer to these questions.The day it does I will be extremely happy.

I urge everyone reading this to stop contacting Dr Google

. Refrain from looking up symptoms on your phones ,tabs ,laptops and searching for diseases and self medicating . It can be extremely dangerous and foolish. And creates nothing but panic and misdiagnosis.Use google for other things and let doctors carry out their jobs. We are well trained and well read in our subjects. Google wasn’t around to help me top my exams. So even it’s one of the most informative site let it not be treated as your physician.

Till then i hope for good healthy lives for all and may peace prevail .

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