Happy jobs

People are restless with their jobs. They seem dissatisfied. Many complain of being unhappy with their jobs. The job doesn’t provide the joy they expect out of it.

I topped my mbbs exams. Gold medals in paediatrics and Gynaecology most of my batch mates and family and friends thought I would become one successful paediatrician or gynaecologist. I never chose to pursue any of these fields further. I chose a government job where I am a general physician. Many of my batch mates for a long time believed I was lying and was instead secretly pursuing something else. They could not fathom why I would not cut to choose a more ambitious job where I am some super Specailist in a fancy private big hospital.

I met with one of them once and he asked me how can you be happy in this kind of simple down to earth job. Do you not want to be some super hi shot doctor minting money in some big set up.

I thought about it. Everything has pros and cons and to have a work life balance this job of mine is excellent. And at my own level I am making a positive difference in the lives of many of my patients

It is not my job’s job to make me feel happy and content. It’s my job to do my job well and to be happy and content with what I do and give it my best shot. Jobs don’t make you happy. You have to be happy to do what you do or do something you are happy in.

. People who crib about being unhappy should stop finding faults with the job and instead try to focus what kind of work profile suits them and brings to them internal satisfaction. When each day waking up in the morning and dressing up to go to work seems a huge burden life has put on you I guess you need to introspect and see what’s going wrong.

If you don’t see yourself happy where you are then you need to move. You need to Persue a career that satiates you. Else every day in the morning you will have to drag your self physically and mentally to a place which makes your living unworthy and dull.

Don’t be afraid to find what’s right for you. No one says it’s going to be easy. It will be one hell of a difficult journey but once you find peace in what you desire and achieve that. Every single day thereafter will be a joy to get up in the morning and go on with your job.

Persons in high profile jobs may seem happy and successful to the exterior world. But do not ever undermine your contribution to the system. If you do it with all your heart and soul and put in the best you have you may be much more successful and happy. So don’t just run for high flying jobs. Try to fly high in the one you do

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