Happy karwa chauth

I and my sister were excited. We were very small. Mummy chachi and dadima wore there pretty silks and shadi wali Jai mata di wala huge red dupatta with gota all over and almost all the gold jewellery they owned. It was the case with most women. The gathering was at the neighbour house as it was their bahu first karwa chauth. The women sat in a circle while little girls like us looked at them mesmerised dreaming of a fairy tail wedding and the day we would be sitting in that circle.

The day we fast and feast. The day we wish for a long healthy life for our husbands. The most awaited day in the calendar of most women in north India .

Markets and parlours are swarming. Everyone wants to get the best facial. Everyone wants to get the best mehendi. The darkest Colour because supposedly the colour of your mehendi is directly proportional to the love of your saas and husband for you. Women want to look the prettiest for their husbands. Why we want to look pretty on just one day and not rest of the year is a question many ask me?

I feel it’s be cause we are made to feel special on this day.A new trend I see is boys also fasting. Mine asked me should I too. Of course not I said. Its the day where I get all the importance. I am the special one today. Your importance is of the person for whom I stay hungry and thirsty all throughout. I am not going to let you take that special role from me. Even though the husbands are the heroes of today it’s actually the wives who are the heroes and I like to keep it that way. For men who do fast for their wives I wish them a happy karwa chauth too. Its about love so have a lovely one.

The moon of course is the hero today. And he is going to act pricey. In most households the husbands start the duty of moon sighting by 8. Rooftops are full of men trying to find positions to see the moon a few minutes before. The wait seems the longest at that time.

My best wishes for all those fasting and hope you have planned your evening feasts already. Let’s feel special and loved . And pray for long and healthy lives of all couples.

Wish you all a very happy and auspicious day and many more to come

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