marriages and samosas

I am trying to search the inventor of the samosa

Google does not reveal the name. Why am I looking for it? I think it’s one of the greatest culinary creations ever created.

Everyone reading must be wondering what’s wrong with her.Samose ka inventor ?😬😬😬😬

I have a long relationship with samosas. Every evening When I was hardly 8yrs I use to take 25 paise from my grandmother (dadima) and wander off on my bicycle to the colony sweet shop , Ram Saran knew my usual order and would hand me over one samosa and I would eat it while riding my bicycle through the streets of New Rohtak road . Little did I know back then that I will be working in a goverment department where samosa is the favourite food. All celebrations ,fairwells ,retirements promotions ,functions are marked by eating this humble samosa. Corporate offices have parties too and celebrations but they order from dominos ,pizza hut, Kfc etc. The humble goverment servants eat the humble samosa.

This article is not about the samosa. What triggered this was the following incident

I am watching tv. Randomly changing channels when on one of the news channels I see news flashing

Baba recommends red chutney with samosa for a happy marital life.

I stop to see. Nirmal baba one of the many new gurus has recommended that green chutney should not be eaten with samosa. This will improve your relations with spouse. What age are we living in I sit and think and hence wrote this Article.

The outer covering of the samosa is useless without the filling and the filling tasteless without the outer covering. Together it forms bite full of delight.

Same is with husband and wife. Together they are a delight,separately not that great. So Why are we not in a good head space with our spouse. Why are we seeking such crappy solutions. Eat whatever goddamn chutney you want. Though I like red and green both ,It does not matter. What I see today is so many young couples getting divorced or separated and that too very early on in marriages.

Have they not chosen wisely or have they not worked on it wisely. Our generation believes in replacing instead of repairing.

That’s what the problem is. Each person is so stuck with their ego and would not like to bend or adjust hence the constant discord. It’s not good because what is the guarantee that the next one will turn out better. I feel one should choose their partner wisely and then once you are married try to overlook small issues and work on building a strong relationship.

A friend of mine works for second he told me the response rate has become much higher than I found this disturbing to hear.

I agree there are times when people are so incompatible or the issues so grave that they can’t be worked upon and separation is best. But in other scenarios do not let trivial issues make you decide on quitting. This does not work based on trial and error.

Do not quit or give up when times are hard on trivial issues . We have differences with our parents and siblings also. We don’t leave them and go. So try to Work on things and am sure results will improve.

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