Magical memories

When you open a photo album or sit and think about the years of your life gone by what’s it that you feel. Does it make you smile or is the past reminiscent of mishaps and sorrow . Do you cringe at the events bygone or do you use it as a joyful fuel which makes you go on further in life’s journey. Do you have more regrets or do you feel content with all that happened, in the story book of life how do the previous chapters seem to be?

Chocolate cake cravings lead me and my son to google Baba which has a solution for everything so here we were making a 2 minute chocolate cake in the microwave in a mug. It was instant happiness and joy. We had created pleasure in under 2 minutes. The master chef and master chef junior are patting our backs proudly.

My son asks me about making special things and I wonder what’s the most important and special thing we can make everyday. The answer i think of is memories. How do we create memories you may ask? Isnt it what happened in the past. What we sit and look back at?What is the past? Isnt the action of today going to be a memory of tomorrow? Is it not in our control to create them? Yes definitely of course it is. The choices we make today govern our actions today and tomorrow when we sit and look back at yesterday it will be a reminder of what we can perfectly control and create.

People today are running after material things. They are unable to realise that one day all this material becomes immaterial if you do not have love and affection and family in your life. Couples ignore their kids for their own romantic goals oblivious to the fact that these children will fast grow up and this precious time with your young ones will never come back. If you do not spend quality time with them you and they will have no memories as they get old. Lack of affection will turn them insecure and cold hearted, a contributing cause will be your lack in their upbringing. And the last thing the world needs is robotic humans

Do not waste today as this will haunt you tomorrow as your yesterday and however hard you might want there is no reversal of all that’s left out or gone. Life is too short to live in misery . Don’t ignore the small joys of today, they are the most important . Start creating good stuff now so that when you look back you always find a reason to smile and you know that the journey called life was so worth it.

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