Mera Bharat mahan

“Burma Burma” is a new restaurant Opened in cyber hub.,am thinking on my way to cyber hub why is it vegetarian.Any ways this article is not about vegetarian khouseuy. It’s just that the Dhawan foodie blood in me forces me to mention food most of the times.

We get down from the car parking and I see a group of teenagers with funky gel spiked hair ,tattered jeans and scantily clad babes sipping beer out of bottles, drinking in public is not permitted but I choose to ignore and walk past their Mercedes GLA. Bade baap ke bachon se no panga I tell myself in my head.

We walk through cyber city and I see a kiosk selling cigarettes. It has several brands Marlbaro wills etc etc. Suddenly my 5 year old tugs at my elbow. Mumma he says

“Yahan no smoking ka sign bana hai.why are these people smoking here”

I see a group of young boys and girls wearing smart office casuals with I cards hung around their necks. They all are raising circles of smoke from their suttas. This is Swag I guess.

This has provoked thoughts in my head

I hear many young people today say that there is no quality of life in India. Foreign settle Hona chahiye. It ain’t worth living in this country. My sister makes a frantic call. There is too much dirt here and dengue is back. Foreign shift Hona hai????

Nope I tell her.i will write about this. 20 people will read and comment , may be Atleast a few try to make a chamge

As we near our Independence Day ask yourself. Are you using your independence wisely. This nation ain’t worth living because each one of us is contributing in its pathetic state.

We are proud to drink and smoke in prohibited places. We are proud to break rules . We are proud to jump red lights and get away by bribing the thulla. We are misusing our independence . And while you may have read several such posts try to think about it. It’s very easy to blame the goverment for everything. It’s very difficult to take it upon you to bring about some change. But at the end it’s not that difficult. The USA is not great cos its goverment is great. It’s good because people abide by laws. They value their surroundings and resources and take good care of them. They take pride in keeping the streets clean. For us to bend down and pick trash and put in the bin would be demeaning. So this year rise up to the occasion and do your nation good

I am proud to be Indian and most people reading this are too. So while we plan Nainital mussorie trips and excursion over the long weekend and you laugh and make merry at India gate learn to throw the trash in the bin. Don’t jump red lights. Don’t drink and drive for kicks ki yaar aaj to 15 August dry day hai. Let’s see who dare catch us.

Instead also do something better. Plant a sapling, conserved electricity, don’t let tap water running. Don’t park in wrong places, don’t litter the roads and sorroundings. We are blessed to born in this wonderful country so taking care of it is our duty

In this life and my next I choose to be a Indian. I salute my nation with tears of pride in my eyes. India I am proud of you

Jai hind

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