Soul fuel

The car is running low on fuel and the system is repeatedly beeping to indicate fuel needs to be filled. This excites my little one and shouts to us what if the fuel finishes before we reach the petroleum pump. I will have to push the car . He flexes his tiny muscles and grins. I look at him and smile.

What is the fuel for our soul? What happens when it’s finished ? What happens to people who do not have it on them to go on?

My father in law always says Think big do big and be big.

And I constantly practice this. How do we become big? How do we achieve greatness for our soul? And here I am just not referring to material wealth we can accumulate.

I found the answer to our soul fuel. Its is dreams that drive our car.and here I don’t mean the ones we have while we sleep. Here I refer to the dreams one has with their eyes wide open. Dreams of achieving things, dreams of a good future, dreams of buying your own house, your dream vehicle, succeeding in your career or job, dreams of educating yourself and your children well, dreams of a happy marriage for self and family, dreams of getting love and giving love to your people, dreams of making a name for yourself in this big world, dreams of being able to have a meaningful existence, of doing good for those around you. Dreams of fulfilling the dreams your parents had for you. Dreams of a happy family life, There is something magical about dreams that keeps one going.

What happens when the fuel in your car is finished? Can you still go on? The answer is no. Similarly what happens when people do not dream? They are very much alive but have no spark in them. They are neither capable of achieving anything for themselves and neither able to add any value in the lives of those around them. They exist with a dull aura around them.

So what’s the best thing you can do for yourself today? Start dreaming and wake up and work towards achieving those dreams. Strive to reach what you want. It’s not possible that all our dreams will come true. And yet it’s possible that majority of them still might. So with courage and confidence dream big and with perseverance work towards achieving them.

So this navratre may mata rani not just fulfill all your desires but give you the strength to be able to think big and achieve big. Jai mata di

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