The harbinger of hope

When I joined me job 9 years ago I was just out of my Mbbs course ,with hardly any clinical patient experience. I knew the theory pretty well. I could prescribe medicines and make a good diagnosis. But the human aspect of medicine I had yet to learn.

She was almost 89 and her knees totally deformed due to osteoarthritis. Classic deformities I had read in the book. The young enthusiastic doctor in me was very excited to see the case and diagnose. She asked me beta “ye thik ho jaega?”

The answer was no and very honestly I gave her a prompt reply. Nahi mataji this will not become ok. In fact with passage of time it will become worse. I saw her face and that look stays with me forever. She was heartbroken. She needed me to give her hope. I was too naive back then to know.

There is something about hope that keeps you going. Sometimes people don’t need to hear the harsh brutal truths of life. They need to hear the sugarcoated stuff. It keeps them going. It makes the difficult situations. Seem a little bit easy. I have learnt that over the years. It may not cure them but it surely instills a feeling of positivity. Of hope to be alright. Of strength to face the problems. Of faith to be able to heal.

I believe the body needs to heal from disease more so the soul and mind need to recuperate You may pop pills for physical fatigue but mental fatigue is what actually makes you much sicker. That’s when we give hope. That’s when we light a candle in the dark dismay tunnels of hopelessness. That’s where the magic begins and I have seen it work wonders. So I have kept this in mind to even the sickest of my patients I I still hope of healing. Sometimes they make it through other times they don’t. But they smile and they leave my desk with a glint of hope in their eyes and this makes me glad

So don’t loose hope. Even in the darkest of times remember lines from Harry Potter

Albus Dumbeldore telling Harry Potter..”Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times just remember to turn on the lights!”😊

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