The new year resolutions

The tough part of my or any doctor’s job or the toughest job is to be able to see utmost levels of grief and yet be able to handle it. To be able to provide consolation to those suffering when none actually exists, to calm disturbed souls.a part of my job which is mentally exhausting.

A man came to me he was a class 1 gazzetted officer. He came with a box of sweets on account of his daughter’s Marriage . I congratulated him. There are things which get so sad that you can’t understand what to do. The next time I saw him he came 2 years later, his head shaved, his beard overgrown, his clothes dirty he was creating a huge amount of chaos in the dispensary and fighting with everyone. I was so shocked to see him, I told him to come to my room and tell me what happened. He came and told his story, he said “Doctor sahab you must be remembering my girl, she was an engineer very well educated and placed , post marriage she concieved and during her routine investigation during pregnancy she got diagnosed with HIV. Her in laws threw her out of their house, She delivered the baby girl and then went into major depression because the husband didn’t accept the child to be his or accept my girl back, so while battling this horrible disease she got depression and attempted suicide, she was saved but became paralysed. She says I love my husband and can’t live without him,He started howling and I could not hold it in me too. As tears poured down my eyes , a staff member entered my room and said oh god this patient is here , he is mad ,doctor he keeps on fighting. I told the staff member to leave the room and not say anything bad.

The worst part about pain in that you don’t feel it Until and unless you experience it, you can feel sorry when someone else is hurt but you can’t correlate till you have experienced it. You can’t understand what one might go through only until you have faced that situation . The saddest part about the development of empathy is it requires more than human skill to be able to comprehend what someone else may be going through. The world today no longer needs sympathy . The need of the hour is empathy. Empathy by dictionary definition the ability to understand and share the feelings of others . Each day we encounter so many stories of people falling ill , getting cancer etc etc in our known circles and feel very sad and sympathetic towards them but one can’t truly understand what actually a sufferer goes through. The worst part about human beings is they still get To believe they are all invincible, that nothing bad can happen to them, that they will go through life unharmed. That no disease or sickness can befall on them.

Do not consider you are invincible, do not laugh or mock at others going through any tough times in life, do not do bad or evil with anyone, karma has its own way of getting back at you, each time you intentionally do something bad for anyone pause and think. Try to do as much good as you can. Even though this does not guarantee any life free from problems it definitely guarantees you peace of mind and happiness in your heart. And that itself is a lot to achieve in today’s times. People go for meditation sessions, therapeutic courses etc for the mind and body, but the best therapies lie in the smallest gestures which you can begin starting today. Be kind ,be generous ,love fiercely, laugh more than you can , help as much as possible, bring cheer to your sorroundings . Create joy. Stay away from negativity and negative people. Avoid ignore and do not let yourself fall trap to horrid people and the horrible things they say. Stay close to positive people.Create positive thoughts ,and fight for the right people and right causes, be loyal ,be thankful, value the love you get and love back. Be good. Do not believe you are mighty because you never know when the mighty falleth. Be humble , be a shoulder for those who seek help. Kill your ego. Kill your negative attitude.and realise you are nothing more than mere puppets in gods hands.

This 2019 start developing what is required to make each individual a better person so that collectively we can make this place a better place to live in. Life is today live it to the fullest.

Happiest new year with all good luck health and happiness



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