The perfect cup of tea

The attendant at my work place brings my hot cup of tea at exactly 10 am on my table. The line of patients is long. Each one who enters looks at the untouched cup of tea and requests me to have it while they wait outside. Yet I feel the tea can wait just a bit longer and I should attend to the patients. Of course that’s more important .

I watch a thin layer of malai form on my tea and wash my hands to get rid of it. Just as I pick my cup my phone beeps and I start replying to the WhatsApp messages. The messages are important and tea is still warm. So I wait slightly longer.The layer of malai looks firm now. I watch my tea from the corner of my eye and I know I have to have it now before it’s too late.

I intend to drink it and just when I raise the cup to my lips my Incharge calls me to her room. I hurriedly put the cup down and rush out. Of course that’s more crucial. I will come back and sit and sip and enjoy my tea I tell myself.

Am back in my room with the patient line less . Opening my bag with my Parle g biscuit ready to be dunked in. I carefully slide the malai layer and place it in the side of the cup where it’s formed a dark ugly spot and dunk my biscuit and put it in my mouth.

Unfortunately it’s too late. The tea is as cold as it could get and tastes horrid. I just have no option except to put it aside. I feel bad. I just wasted the chance to drink it while I still had it because I thought other things were more important .

This was just tea. I am watching people living their lives like this. We are postponing pleasures and desires of today to a tomorrow we may never see. A tomorrow we may not be in a state to enjoy. A tomorrow which is full of uncertainty, yet we do not want to enjoy the things we can afford today in life because we are in a race to earn more, be it name money fame etc etc. We just keep telling ourselves that tomorrow or may be the day after we will have achieved a lot more and we can start enjoying our lives then. I don’t think that’s the right approach

The hot cup of tea is enjoyable only till its hot. Everything in life may be and will be more important but it’s now that you have to drink tea also. You leave it for time and you end up not having at all. That’s how it’s with life.

There is one life and you need to balance it out. Work hard party harder. Do not keep on postponing stuff on tomorrow. Live each day to the fullest work and enjoy as if there is no tomorrow.

You may get several hot cups of tea again but the moments in life that you loose out on will never return

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