The real life

A lot of people pop up the question whether I am an optimist or a pessimist.

My answer always is that I am a realist.

I can’t see candy floss and goodness in each and every thing and situation and neither do I find misery and dismayal in all situations.

It is about balance. It’s about truly understanding that even if 4 out of 7 days went good In a week your life can be rated as an above average life compared to the masses. That’s how I perceive the pie chart of life.

If you wish each day to be joyful and hope and wish it would be then you surely are an optimist. Keep sleeping please because your dream will be shattered when u wake up. Life is not just a bed of roses

If you wish each day is the most miserable day of your life and hope and think dooms day is arriving soon then please go to sleep cos may be you need tons of sleep and rest . Your mind is anguished.

If you can see the yin and yang around and be able to see good and evil in a balanced way welcome my friend you just woke up an smelt the coffee called life.

Without sorrow you can never know joy. Without pain you can never know happiness. Without missing you can never know importance of people and things.

It’s the human mind which responds to omission. When something goes missing is when you know it’s worth.

It’s an easy choice to make to be unhappy and discontent with things which do not please us. More than a choice it’s a natural instinct to be sorrowful.

I am working on a scheme of dealing with dismayal situations. If I have the solution to the problem I find it. If I don’t . I ignore the problem. I become indifferent to it. I choose happiness. Or I wish to choose happiness by default.

Life will never seem fair. It never will go as per your hearts desire yet to be bitter about it will not help anyone whatsoever. If you are miserable those around you are too. If you are positive you may not be able to undo what you don’t desire but you can smile and go through hard times and help those around you.

Be positive be realistic. Do not expect from others what you can’t deliver yourself.

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