The wishful thinker

There is a young patient of mine whose suffering from juvenile diabetes. He was diagnosed when he was 7 years old and has been on injectable insulin for the last 15 years. He comes to almost daily and keeps requesting on getting his blood sugar levels checked at a laboratory. He tells me he regularly checks his sugar at home but he doesn’t seem satisfied. I ask him why is that so. He says I believe I might have got cured and the reports in my home sugar checking machine are wrong. I look at him and feel sorry for him. In his heart he knows his machine is fine

There is something called wishful thinking. It involves believing that all that we wish for or imagine in our heads will be achieved by a stroke of great luck. Whatever we aspire from life will be bestowed upon us by the almighty in a flash of a moment. Every desire that beats in our hearts with each heartbeat each day will be fulfilled because we are the lucky chosen ones by the god.

Then there is reality. The real life where things don’t work out as per our wishes , where things happen as per destiny and the will of the lord. Where we do not get to choose the circumstances we wish to be in but which our forced upon us by the situations at hand. We have to face them. We have to go through them. We have to live through all those moments life throws at us even though we are totally dismayed by them.

Are the People who have wishful thinking optimists, or are they just gamblers who surely think they will hit the jackpot. I am confused because deep inside everyone is a wishful thinker. Most people want to believe that chance will favour them some day and they will get the desired. That’s how we operate, that’s how we generate in ourselves a motivation to be able to overcome adversity and hope for a better tomorrow. That’s how we are able to manage sorrow with a smile on our face. It’s this blind determination and faith in our good fortunes which pushes us through hurdles. Night has to pass and the sun has to come up and in our hearts and head we wish for bright sunny. Beautiful mornings.

But on the other hand to just lay all your eggs in the basket of good luck and wait for miracles to happen you actually might get lost. Because there will soon come a time when you realise that you have to walk the distance between wishful thinking and reality and come to terms with actually what life has in offering for you. It might not suit your palate and you may wish endlessly that what you got is replaced by something better. But alas if horses were wishes beggars would ride.

The conclusion is that wishful thinking is necessary for an optimistic state of mind and to be able to maintain faith and hope in life yet a realistic thinking at the same time is necessary to balance your brain and prevent you from falling into wells of despair in situations not conducive to your line of thought.

Keep thinking keep hoping stay happy

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