Life’s most important tool is your school

The world can become a better place

The three and half year old boy in a monkey cap was a very cute and active kid. The father however had a grim expression on his face. “Please doctor Sahab refer my son to a child psychiatrist or psychologist for a consult. We are really worried he might have a learning disability.”

Why do you think this I asked?

The student of a prestigious Delhi school he is in nursery. he can write the alphabet from A to Z but he always writes an inverted C. We have come to the conclusion that he’s suffering from a learning disorder.

My son at the age of 3.5 did not even recite the whole alphabet forget writing. It never bothered me.

I referred him. The father . Not the son to a psychiatrist.

What are we expecting out of our children. What is the education system teaching us. The system is flawed.

The pressure children face today is unimaginable. For me it’s unforgivable too. Young minds and hearts need nurturing. Not torturing. But our education system tells us that kids have to adjust with situations . That’s how we grew up and our parents and so on and so forth. You turned out ok so what’s wrong with the system people argue.

They say Don’t pamper your children, make them strong to face the cruelty of life since childhood. This is what they will face when they grow up. The wicked world will not let innocents survive so make them hard core since young age. Is that how we will make the world better tomorrow?

Are we not supposed to nurture their young minds with love and care and help them blossom into fine talented good humans.

Teach your child to swim gently in the waves of life rather than throwing him in mid sea without a life jacket

Don’t teach them that life is full of hardships and just a burden like the school bag they carry each day. Teach them about the joys of life and living and loving each part of it.

Most kids just dread school and Are scared of teachers and keep on wishing school to end. How can something which builds your whole foundation be based on fear. Isn’t the whole concept wrong?isnt this building bound to be faulty

Every kid is special and unique and has different talents . They are suppressed.only those who excel in academics are the teachers favourites and always made to come forward. The average kid is no good and he is pushed back from average to worse cause no one has the time to bother with him. The confident students shine, the lesser ones confide in shells. Their personalities are not allowed to bloom. This is not what schools should do

There is no hope till we improve and improvise the schooling system. Young minds huddled in big groups manned by strict teachers are like factories . They can just churn out robots.

A child’s mind is like wet clay. Don’t mould them into hard core human beings. Make them soft ,gentle ,loving compassionate kids and see how they transform when they grow up and turn this world around into a place worth living

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