This too shall pass

This too shall pass told the beautiful sunset to the stars that brighten the sky. The moon as he proudly shone the night like a king amongst the dark he lit bright. The stars like tiny diamonds bejewelled the beautiful night. Yet knowing when the sun arrives with all his might this too shall pass. To come again another night to shine bright and bring into the night some light.

I watched at the beach the sun disappear as he goes down for tonight. Yet somewhere he shines again in a city different than mine. The night drifts in gently waving goodbye to the day light. There is a promise of a new day tomo as it goes down for tonight.

What’s the beauty this lesson teaches us that nothing in life is permanent. That change however hard it seems is inevitable. It’s the constant process of going on and going forth with life. The good the bad the ugly nothing stays forever.

Hardships however torturous do not stay forever and the good days do not last either. But as the sun sets it shall rise again and as the storms settle the weather shall be good again.

Yet when night falls we loose sight of light only to sleep and have beautiful dreams till the sun wakes us up with all its might

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