We stress to impress

Last night the bathroom tap was dripping. One drop at a time. I thought that’s hardly going to make any difference. So I left it as it is. This morning when I woke up the bucket was full. I was set thinking. Every drop counts. On its own one drop has no purpose but slowly it can fill an entire bucket. That’s like our thoughts. One positive or negative thought may not make any difference. But if we continue to think. Collectively they make our minds stray either in the right direction or wrong. So actually every thought counts.

We stress to impress

We dress to impress.

We become a mess to impress

We live our lives under societal pressure. Most of the times we are worried about the biggest question “ what will people say?”

Who are these people? Society, family , distant relatives, friends,colleagues,neighbours. Random strangers of the world.Do they have the right to judge us. I don’t think. They are not understanding or undergoing what you are. Why would you ruin your peace of mind just for others . Your own opinion about lives becomes immaterial.only because others disapprove.

What others will think is what you keep thinking rather than thinking about what is it that you really think.

Its very easy to judge someone, but once the onus falls on you, the judge becomes a lawyer. That’s how human beings function . We point fingers at others in a jiffy over even the smallest things. But when the same question arise in our life would we ever like it?

I want to live unapologetically. I want freedom of expression ,of thought ,of movement,of sentiments,of love ,of choice. I have come to realise I can’t impress everyone more so

I don’t want to stress to impress.

Housewives feel apologetic for going out. Working women feel apologetic for having a career. Couples are guilty of enjoying alone,mothers guilty of leaving kids at home and going out.There is a constant guilt they face. This is all because deep in our hearts we are bothered to achieve perfection. We want to be seen as the best and most righteous person around.

Our choice of careers, education, spouse friends ,circle ,car kids school. Etc etc . Everything is governed by what society wants.

Our happiness is superseded by others people’s expectations of us. We are ok to be sad and unsatisfied but yet we choose to continue pleasing.

Why we don’t think it’s more important to please our own soul. Why don’t we wish to fulfill our heart’s desires ? Why the mounting pressure of what other people’s opinion is ,brings us down?

We have one life. Don’t waste it trying to feed the egos of others.

Feed your soul to happiness.To independence. Be courageous. Take risks take chances try to succeed. Try to find love. Try to live happy. Make this one life of yours worth living and remembering. You might fall or make mistakes. But Atleast you would not regret not being able to live your dreams and fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Don’t live to impress others. If you are trying to do that you might just keep others happy . But You will yourself always be sad. You owe no one am explanation to keep yourself happy.

At the same time have regards for parents spouse. kids. Don’t live in a way which hurts others. Be strong for yourself yet do not bring harm to anyone.

Don’t let the negative drops fill an entire bucket. Close the tap . Think wisely and choose well. Stay happy .

Fill your own bucket with joy