Wrestle to survive

Two incidents around the same time have left me considerably confused. One involves molestation of women in Bangalore on new year and the other is the movie dangal.

Why am I confused is because I can’t fathom where really lies the modern India. In fact who represents it.

Is it the hip hop happening well educated rich young generation of men and women who drink dance party and celebrate or is it the simple suit clad, hair oiled, milk drinking uneducated population residing in the villages across the nation. Are the cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities and its residents what represents modernity ? Or are they turning into the most savage of beasts which roamed the earth hundreds of years ago.

On one hand is the story of a father and his daughters who fight all odds to achieve and to be heroes in real life. A man who labours toTo attain unimaginable success with grit and determination overcoming millions of obstacles in his path for his daughters.

A story which brought goosebumps.

On the other hand is a story of the men who consider it ok to outrage the modesty of women. Who think they are heroes on streets who can evetease.Of fashionable boys from modern homes drinking and partying in the most expensive places and then having the audacity to behave the way they did.

A story which brought goosebumps.

How would a boy feel if a woman on the street grabs him by his balls casually for fun and walks off. It will not be an act of pleasure and fun anymore.For an instance I wished those dangal daughters were there to mash up these horrible men and kick their balls so that they dare never touch a women in the wrong way again.

It’s not about what branded clothes you wear. Not about what pub you visit the car you drive or the alcohol brand you drink. It does not make a man. What makes a man is his behaviour with women. His modesty his humility his courage his actions his ability to respect and protect the opposite sex.

You may think living in the big cities have made you the most modern person but actually after such incidents I salute the father and his daughters. Its people like these I would call modern and cosmopolitan. Its not about urban or rural. Its about what you are made of.

Most people in India celebrate birth of sons . I think daughters birth needs to be rejoiced

I am reminded of the movie pink. Do not think women are toys for you to manhandle.First and foremost respect women. Teach your sons to respect women rather than teaching your daughters to fear men.

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