Not only is “Ya Gurl Plant” a fine, fresh, fierce vegetable, she’s also skilled politician. We need more strong, independent women in government, and Ya Girl Plant is much stronger than a flimsy animal cell that only has a cytoskeleton. Ya Gurl Plant has a cell wall too.

Candidate Plant is very hardworking, possessing chloroplasts that are constantly striving to convert solar energy into food that sustains her whole cell. Now that’s a leader who can take initiative! Do you really want to be led by someone who can’t even make food for herself? In addition to this, Candidate Plant can remain calm in any stressful situations that come with being Cell in Chief. Her cell wall makes it so that she can’t burst, even in hypotonic situations, unlike certain other candidates.

The Plant Party also supports a strong, centralized vacuole. The Animal Party will try to tell you that smaller vacuoles are preferable, espousing a platform of organelles’ rights. Ya Gurl Plant on the other hand knows that this will merely weaken the vacuoles’ important influence.

This is a time of uncertainty in the domain of Eukarya. Only one candidate has the structure and rigidity needed to bring stability to Eukarya’s citizens, and that candidate is Ya Gurl Plant.

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