How to make your Youtube channel popular

Youtube is essentially a global platform and the stage is your channel. Now how do you showcase it the right way so you gain a massive amount of followers and the most number of views in the quickest way?

Apply a few of these tips to popularize and brand your channel the right way from the beginning:

  1. Word of Mouth

This is the only way to popularize your videos in the quickest way possible. People sharing your video and telling their friends to watch it is a great way since people tend to trust the word of their loved ones. People will discuss and share anything as long as it makes them look smart. Making your content good enough so people will talk about it is the first step.

2. Infotainment

Making your video in a way so it gives people valuable information and also provides them with their daily dose of entertainment is the best way. People will always share something that helped them with info. A good example of a video following that would be talking about current issues. That makes sure your viewers get a brief about what they want in a fun way without getting bored.

3. Trigger an emotion

People will continue to be interested in your video after the first minute mark only if it’s inciting an emotion within them. That emotion may be happiness, laughter, or even anger. However sad content tends to bring users down and decreases likelihood of it being shared. Even if your content made them angry, they will do something about it- and there lies your chances of increasing views.

4. Environmental Triggers

People will think about your videos and channel more often when they face a trigger in their environment that reminds them of your content. For example, there is a spike in searches for Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ once every week (on Friday, obviously). Its a relatable trigger, even if for a song that everyone hates.

More people thinking about your videos and content means more virality.

5. People like measuring things

Making sure your video content is to the point and crisp will earn you more views. Avoid unnecessary lags in between and make sure your editing skills are top notch. People hate delays and will be kept more engaged if your video gives them their need in a shorter period of time. They might not feel as burdened when they see a time stamp of 6 minutes than what they’d feel for 14 minutes, since a lot of people tend to go on Youtube to fill time.

Net virality and popularity is basically people, and understanding the psyche of people is from where you’ll get your popularity.

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Soumyadeep Sarkar likes to write, as his brain is always thinking, and getting everything on paper relaxes him.