How Jaby Koay made 300k+ followers armed with only a unique idea

Jaby Koay started his YouTube channel in 2008 and was gaining hundreds of subs every week. Based out of California in the United States of America, Koay is a filmmaker who reacts to American movies and trailers and shoots some of his own work. However, in 2015 Koay started reacting to Indian movie trailers that suddenly gained him a huge following in Asia. Lets have a look at why he’s so popular.

1. His movie choices resonate well

The movie trailers that he reacts to are usually suggested to him by fans, and that creates a familiarity within his fanbase. Even other movies that he selects are culturally mainstream, and have a certain standing among Indian audiences. From Salman Khan movies to indie movies- there is something that all audiences can relate to.

2. He’s active in the comments section

You’ll always see him replying to the comments given by his fans. Those comments maybe random trolls, genuine fans correcting him on some error he might have made due to the language difference, affirming the quality of the film whose trailer he just reviewed, and fighting over superstars. Sometimes he’ll even call out a few followers on the video itself, citing them on some comment. That creates a very strong fanbase- personalizing and creating loyal followers in the process.

He’s always open to suggestions by his followers and is open to trying new things. Recently, he started reacting to Malaysian and Indonesian movies as well, growing his fanbase in the process.

3. He always invites Guests

One thing that is constant in his videos is the amount of guests that he’ll involve. There will be a different guest in every video that’ll react to a new trailer along with him. The guest may be a fellow YouTuber or even a personal friend, but their twitter and Instagram handles are always shared with the audience to create an impression of their popularity.

4. He’s open-minded

It helps that Koay is incredibly affable and mindfully respectful and responds almost enthusiastically to every trailer, from the very bizarre ones to the genuinely good films. His reactions are always genuine and his target audience is also huge- making money off of just reacting is a one of a kind idea and he’s certainly doing well for himself.

This idea has been quickly picked up by other YouTubers. Several other popular channels such as The Reel Rejects, Toma Puck, TravelTura, and Grissle’s World, regularly update their feed to showcase their eager impressions of the latest Indian (particularly Hindi) cinema offerings.

Having an original idea always helps, and having a target audience ranging around billions is a helpful factor. That is exactly why a certain amount of research is required before starting your channel to be able to connect your material to your audience.

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