Why your subscriber base is currently Stagnant

Everyone wants to make it big as a YouTuber. Everyone wants to be a PewDiePie, or a Ryan Higa, or even a Jenna Marbles. But there’s only a few of them, and millions of other unknown YouTubers. A lot of you began very well, surpassing expectations with a constant growth of subscribers. But a lot of you have reached a certain mesa on the graph of YouTube followers, and now are unable to move further ahead.

Read on to know what you can do to rise above that plateau and return on your path to becoming the next big YouTuber.

  1. Your content may have gotten repetitive

Your focus maybe comedy, and you’re making people laugh. But you’re not growing in terms of your subs. You might be generating similar content in your videos repeatedly. While you may be really good in your niche, but your fans are looking for more. They want you to try different things and bring something new to your channel. For example, DTrix- a dancer originally, brought in a series called Food Challenges where they gather and try finishing a huge amount of food in one go and then go for tacos later on. Suffice to say it brought some fans back to his channel, and some more.

2. Update your technology

If you’ve gone through the channels of famous Youtubers, you’ll notice that they upgrade their equipment as they grow. Their recording equipment and editing software will get better as they themselves get better at their craft. You’ll see their video and editing quality constantly getting amped up as their subscriber base grows.

3. Crossovers and guest appearances

Approaching other YouTubers for crossover videos is a great way to touch on more fanbases and grow your own in the process. Have other YouTubers feature on your videos or choose to appear on their videos, be whatever their genre and theme.

4. Feature music on your videos

Sound and music have an interesting impact on our brain. For sounds we recognize, like a car horn or a bird chirping, the brain’s auditory complex responds. Parts of our brain get activated when we listen to music; using that to revamp your videos has a direct, but subtle influence on your video quality.

There are certain laws around that. Learn that from this video:

In conclusion, proactively network with others in the YouTube industry. Produce quality content, stand out from the crowd and experiment with various alternatives to secure a holding. Follow the above effective strategies to get your channel in the limelight.

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Soumyadeep Sarkar is a musician, traveller, photographer and artist. Currently he lives in Mysore, India.