Take Initiative and end up feeling Appreciated.

Okay so this is an incident from my new Job role . It has made me understand that working in an office does not just mean to just keep running like a horse with blinkers and never come out of monotony. But working your heart means to take initiatives and work in a way that differentiates you and your qualities or positives in such a way that help your peers and your reporting boss. One such incident happened to me recently, when in the month of January a new product was launched by the product team and was conveyed to us i.e the Training team to get the product knowledge delivered to the sales staff. Since the product was new and without testing it , it would have been a waste so the whole idea was to understand how comfortable the sales would be to deliver and make it work among customers. Since , I am new in this Training department , I took it as an initiative and did a thorough study on the product and gave my training deliveries to various sales officers. In the journey I got to know the various loopholes or the shortcomings of the product which I tried discussing with the Product. For then it was just an initiative. But then after 30 days, my boss gives me a call and asks me about the same product and I was in a state of sheer confidence to explain it to him. I did so and that helped him to discuss it in meeting with higher officials further. At the end of the day , he shows gratitude towards me and also declares the 2nd phase of the same product is gonna be launched where the product team has tried correcting the loopholes and we need to prepare a thorough training modules on it for the sale. This gave me a new opportunity to take up a new assignment. So, this incident helped me empower myself by acquiring knowledge and helping others and end up feeling appreciated.

This was my story for “Taking Initiative” . What was yours?? Do share.




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