Sunday Story: Inequality (and technology)

By: Mohammad Sarker

The rising impact of technology effects Americans and sometimes people in other country. Our growing advancements in the digital and virtual world have a false front where many see improvement and potential to be a great innovative country. However, under this disguise we can see that technology is actually harming us as a society. We can’t really see this because of how it’s covered up through constant new technology, but this is a issue that may continue to get worse.

Technological advances in our country is actually making us very poor. Technology is part of the reason that we have income inequality. The wealth that is produced from these devices and innovations goes to rich people, where if we actually divided the profit we would not have any issues. The drive for tech increases inequality. Machines that have been invented to decrease work load have taken away tons of jobs.

It maybe true that technology has driven a huge economic boost in America and many places in the world. However, with the piling up of money it’s not giving bigger shares to the less fortunate. Simply the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Technology has replaced jobs, and since they are more time efficient they produce more profit for owners. Where Americans are left unemployed furthermore increasing inequality in our society.


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