An approach to explore yourself

Our elders say , in this modern era , Social networking sites murdered the creativity of youth . Whenever they get some free time , they invest it in accessing their accounts on these sites , they don’t spend any time on improving their personality and creativity. I am also the person of this age and even I feel that I spend all my leisure time on internet.

But ,One fine day,one of the guest faculty of my college , she insisted me and some of my friends to go for a basic workshop on NLP.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.

Thus, after reading a little about it , I decided to put all my priorities apart and give a day for exploring myself.

The workshop was organised and mentored by Mr. Ajay Phillips, neuro semantic master practitioner ,Mrs. Rowena phillips , Master Practitioner in Meta-NLP and psychological counsellor and their team. The workshop mainly foccussed on improving emotional intelligence , communication as well as overall betterment of an individual’s personality.

Previously , whenever I met different people I found that some of them were very sharp , some took time to understand simple things too , and due to this difference in their intelligence level , it was difficult for me to interact with all of them in the same manner. Since , I like to do as well as understand things quickly , I always wanted to be with the same irks of people. Thus , when I met someone who is not that quick , I become agitated and I eschewed involving with them.

But , now this workshop changed me entirely , it made me understand the fact that different kind of people react with a different pace to every situation and because I am a visually kinesthetic person , people like me have a quicker pace and ephemeral approach to do things , and there is no such thing as a bright or weak person , we all have same brains with infinite memory . The difference lies in our pace of reaction.

Also , I learnt about human behaviour from different aspects , we always think only from our point of view in every situation but we should always respect perspectives of other people too. Moreover, we were taught how to understand what others are trying to say by just seeing in there eyes without the use of verbiage.

Furthermore , I got to knew more about listening skills (i.e Eye assessing cues),sensory acuity skills , psychosomatism and many more useful things.

Its totally worth to give a full day in such an useful seminar.

We all know the importance of a perfect personality and body language and we all want to have such kind of personality . This is the best approach to have it in you. And we all know ,” The journey of a long distance starts with a single step.”

So , this workshop was a life changing experience for me , it taught me

How a human mind functions , connection between the Mind-body-emotions
How to develop emotional intelligence and
benefits of NLP basic(Leadership,wellness,self confidence,teamwork,conflict mgmt. etc..)

Lastly , I would like to give regards to Mrs. Rowena Phillips for encouraging me to go for it and giving me an opportunity to be a part of this amazing seminar. Also , I would recommend everybody to go for a basic module of Neuro linguistic programming, its totally worth.