Your favorite (non)blogger’s holiday gift guide

Y’all, I have a confession. During the months of November and December, I’ll read most any “top gift guide” I can get my hands on. Obsessive gift giver? Guilty pleasure? Nosey? Struggling for ideas for my own list? Maybe a little bit of it all.

But the truth is, 80% of these unique/creative/ultimate/amazing gift guides suck. They’re stacked full of $98 lamb skin gloves and pointless gift of the month boxes.

So to help, (or fulfill some longing inside of me) here’s my real life gift guide from your favorite (non)blogger. Because everyone knows lifestyle bloggers are (not)the only people who get to make these.

  1. Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products
    You didn’t think I would start with soap, did you? But for anyone who aspires for their home to have a signature scent that’s the perfect mix of “Oh, that smells good” and really can’t smell anything at all — Mrs. Meyer’s is for you. Basil is my go-to and I can’t tell you how many people remark on it. 
    $3.99+ get it online or at Target.
  2. Pillivuyt Bakeware
    I‘m new to Pillivuyt but am already a huge fan. I’ve only had this rectangular roaster for about a month but it cooks great and is easy to clean. The minimalist look paired with white makes it a sure win for anyone on your list. 
  3. Anomia 
    This card game was introduced to us by some friends years ago and has remained a favorite. It’s a great idea for the family or couple who loves games or entertaining. 
  4. Books
    Books are a highly underrated gift. As someone who’s read 30+ books this year, let me save you some guesswork. Here are 4 of my favorite books I’ve read this year with the who/what of each. 
    The Defining Decade: Self Help. Great for anyone 20–28(ish). I recommend as an audio book. (Spoiler alert: my little brother about to graduate from college will be getting a copy.)
    The Kind Worth Killing: Thriller/Suspense that anyone will love. Tell anyone who reads this they’re welcome and I’m sorry. 
    November 9: Not your typical romance, I loved this unexpected & quirky novel. 
    The Food Lab: Anyone who loves cooking will be sucked into this book and stay amazed by the science behind amazing recipes. 
    Bonuses because 4 is too few: Find Your Extraordinary, Big Magic, The Premonition Series (guilty pleasure), and The Game.
  5. Gift a Donation
    For the person who continues to say, “There’s nothing I need. Please don’t get me anything.” Or the one who you want to do something extra special for… Gift a Donation & transform a families life. 100% of your gift/donation will go to build safe homes and transform slums into thriving communities. Bonus: We’ll send you a printable so you have something physical to give! Bonus bonus: They’ll get a video of the family the donation went to when they move in to their new house!
  6. The Softest Sweatshirt Ever
    Seriously. You’ll want to live in this Alternative Apparel sweatshirt, it’s made of baby angel wings from heaven above. I buy a men’s because I’m a rebel, but I’m sure the women's are just as delightful. 
    While we’re talking about things that feel like baby angel wings…
  7. Lululemon Underwear
    I’ll be the first to admit $16 for underwear is just plain stupid. But, you’ll never look forward to a pair of undies like you do these. They won’t be your sexiest, but my gosh you’ll never want to wear anything else. So for the person who really does have it all… 
    (It’s worth noting Under Armor does have a close second for $12 that I’ve scored at an outlet for $6.)
  8. The Roomba (need I say more?)
    If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a life-changing purchase, let me be the one to push you over the edge. This vacuum robot has saved me so much time and headache this year. “But will it work for me?” Yes, yes, and yes. 
  9. Aviate Hats
    My ATL hat has become my go-to on “hair is too greasy for public” days. With every airport code you can imagine, these hats are a win for guys, girls, and kids. 
  10. Marble MacBook Skin
    Someone buy me this now. 

I could go on for days, but I’ll leave you with those 10. Still not finding what you want? I have a secret go-to gift perfect for anyone. I’ve already bought it for 3 people this year (which is why I can’t put it on this list). Shoot me a message if you’re interested and I’ll share.

Now, tell me what I missed.