My 10Pearls Journey

I’ve resigned from the post of Senior Software Developer at TenPearls and currently serving the notice period. I want to reflect on what a wonderful journey it was of about 2.5 years. In this industry (Software Services), 2.5 years is a good amount of time to spend with one employer. And I’m proud I did so with TenPearls. I want to share the key things about my time here, so the people can have a peek in at why is this place one of the best to work.

It all started when TenPearls needed Ruby on Rails developers, at that time back in 2013, there weren’t many. They tracked me down via LinkedIn and I came in for an interview, having been in the industry for just a mere 8 months. The interview went well, but what happened after that was something that remained with me. I was called in for a meeting with the managing director & co-founder Zeeshan Aftab. He left such an impression on me. Didn’t treat me like a newbie to tech industry, instead I felt like some sort of a Star Developer (Today, I realize looking back that I was nowhere near the level of an experienced developer — was just a sparky newbie with raw potential). The way he shared their humble beginnings, their vision and even future plans, it was remarkable nonetheless. It could be, that the reason for his impressive hospitality was that he really needed a RoR dev at that time, I can’t say for sure, but it was good to be given respect and that’s the way I’ve always found him during all my interactions with him — respectful and courteous.

Anyway, the offer came in, I wanted to join, but couldn’t — for some reasons. I continued working with my current employer of that time for about 10 more months, then switched my job. Started working remotely with a company in US for about 10 months. It was a good experience, but in the end I felt like the learning has slowed down — it happens usually when you’re working a lot on your own. I felt the need to join a local company and doing a 9 to 5 office routine. That’s when I thought about trying to join TenPearls. Lazy as we developers usually are, I decided to get in touch with Zeeshan Aftab going out of the way of the normal hiring process. I knew that he might not entertain me, as around 1.5 years had passed after our initial interaction. I started the conversation replying to an old email conversation we had. And once again, I found him to be responsive and he didn’t disappoint. It was a short conversation before he agreed to offer me a job, and I signed the offer letter within a couple of days. No hassle.

So that’s how I ended up at TenPearls. Truth be told, the company’s environment is great. Cleanliness is remarkable. Their CSR initiative, the Empower foundation, is a great, great contribution which is having a big impact out there. Moreover, TenPearls is easily one of the best places to work in Karachi. Great international reputation. Reflects a great culture when MD Zeeshan Aftab, CEO Imran Aftab (when he’s in town) and Country Manager Ahmed Ayub eats in the lunch hall with all the employees, eating the same food and having a good laugh with them. Country Manager can also be seen waiting in the queue for his turn. Great culture.

I got the chance to work with top professionals, learned a lot, grew in technical and professional stature. Worked on challenging projects, pushing the technical limits. Made some great friends in Shehzad Ali, Sharique Hasan, Akif Ateef, Safdar Imam, Shahbaz Qaiser, Arsalan Ansari, Zeeshan Mehmood, Ali Habib and many more (I sure can’t name them all :) ). A big thank you to Safdar Imam for mentoring me. Loved working with PMs like Shakir Maniya and Musharib Rahim.

I have nothing but respect for all the people I’ve worked with. All the management and other staff. I’m grateful for everyone’s cooperation, without which I wouldn’t be able to be the person I am today.

I wish TenPearls best of luck in everything they do.