How simulation software helps scientific investigation and improvement of power source?

Simulation software have important role in research and development of technology because simulation of a process provide some details for consideration of the process to design or improve. Nowadays, programming in other sciences has a very special place because the importance of computers cannot be ignored as a very effective application in technical and research affairs. Chemistry counts as key field between other sciences because chemistry is a diversified science and includes very subcategories and related major like electrochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and etc.

In the today’s world, it’s axiomatic that the decreasing fuel sources, pollution and global warming are important problems. In addition to, the sun and wind as renewable energy sources are attracting more regard as alternative energy sources. Fuel cells are a beneficial energy technology that generates electric energy through the reaction between the fuel sources rich in hydrogen and oxygen. In comparison with combustion engines, fuel cells have many advantages, such as high efficiency and low emissions. Furthermore the by-products of fuel cells are heat and water. Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) have attracted much interests recently. PEM fuel cells are Pollution-Free high-efficiency power sources for urban vehicles that recently corporate by legislative initiatives. The fundamental structure of a PEMFC can be described as two electrodes (anode and cathode) separated by a solid polymer membrane that acting as an electrolyte. The hydrogen gas is the Best fuel for fuel cell powered vehicles, because of the highest conversion efficiency for fuel, generating zero tail-pipe emission and producing water as an only product of the reaction between hydrogen and air. …

sarmin hamidi

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