The afternoon

It was little before the afternoon, I amazed of the character who entered. He was doing a part time job in a hotel after his regular job. I felt inspirations in his every word. We shared sugar free tea. I asked about his life and job. His planning of life was very simple . He works as an accountant in a hotel after day job and returned to home after 10pm. I inspired and the inspiration was ‘how to get more time to write’. If this person can join a part time job after day job , I can also write after my day job. I surprised discovering the reason , ‘how I am spending my priceless time’. After my day job I am going to my home and carelessly enjoying the serial in television and killing my time . In the end of the day, i.e. in bed time I depressed myself with thought: ‘ah! I have no time to write’. A writer should think about the time management to give this world something.

Now I could discover the way,

in this beautiful afternoon…

life is the lesson

and characters are in each step.

you should have the eyes

to talk with them…