We’re hiring a producer for our CodeNewbie podcasts! We’re a small and mighty team that produces the CodeNewbie Podcast and the Basecs Podcast, along with our annual Codeland conference.

We’re looking to bring on a full-time producer to produce our two shows and work on pilots for two more. If you know someone who’d be a great fit, let them know!

The Job

The job involves contributing to story ideas, booking guests, arranging interviews, cutting tape for two shows (produced weekly during the season), light sound design, and creating digital assets for each episode. This is a full-time remote position.


  • Contribute to…

I started CodeNewbie a few years ago to support people learning to code. Two years ago, I quit my full-time job at Microsoft to focus on our amazing community of developers and people learning to code.

We’ve produced an amazing conference, Codeland, the CodeNewbie Podcast, and the Basecs Podcast (with our wonderful co-host Vaidehi Joshi). Now, we’re expanding and looking to bring on a full-time Community and Social Media Manager to help us grow and nourish this community.

If you’ve got community management experience, a marketing background, and have done work supporting the developer community, this is for you ❤


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Cardi B teased her partnership with Pepsi a while back, and it was published on Jan 28 ahead of the 2019 Superbowl. As of this writing, on Twitter alone, it’s reached over 7M views.

What’s fascinating about this ad is that it is not a Cardi B ad. Cardi might be the main attraction, and it was the reason I wanted to see it, but she is not the star. The star is Steve Carrell.

The ad opens at a restaurant where the diner requests a coke and the waiter asks, “Is Pepsi, ok?”, an innocent question we’ve all…

Interrupting people gets a bad rep. The general consensus is that it’s rude and something you should avoid doing. But there are particular situations when interrupting is an incredibly important skill, and one of those is podcasting.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people as a podcast host of the CodeNewbie Podcast, and Command Line Heroes from Red Hat, and I’ve realized that knowing how to interrupt people effectively (and actually doing it) is one of the most important interviewing skills. Here’s why:

1. Guests ramble when they’re nervous, and they need your help

Being on a podcast is weird. If you’re on a show like mine, you’re probably being interviewed remotely. You…

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be more productive and efficient. I run a business, host podcasts, speak, travel, and then there are the surprise tasks and projects that come up. There’s a lot to do and little time, so I created a system to help.

There were two things in particular I struggled with: 1) focusing on the right tasks and 2) not getting overwhelmed by the never-ending todo list.

One of my favorite productivity tools that’s helped with these two issues is the humble index card and the system I created around it. …

I’ve coached about 100 speakers on their tech talks, reviewed hundreds of talk proposals, given tech talks around the world, and produce my own tech conference, Codeland. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a good tech talk and how to help people with theirs.

There are many elements to a good talk, but they generally fall into two categories: content and delivery. Content is (relatively) easier to teach. Most tech speakers have more experience writing than presenting, so teaching people how to create a solid outline and script is fairly straightforward. …

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I produce two podcasts that have millions of downloads (the CodeNewbie Podcast and the basecs podcast with Vaidehi Joshi). In producing my own shows, I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) trying to figure out the best way to increase the audio quality of my podcasts. Professionally produced shows are beautiful and easy on the ears, but it’s usually because they can spend thousands on equipment or have access to a fancy studio to record in. I have more humble resources. So how do you get as close to professional as possible without breaking the bank? …

I don’t remember why he said it, but I remember the car we were in on our way to a fancy networking event full of important people doing boss shit when he looked at me and asked, “What are you optimizing for?”

He squinted, his brown skin pinched at his forehead, staring me down as he liked to do. I wish I remembered what we were talking about, what earned his intense stare this time, what conjured the question that would change my life. I don’t think he knew it was that deep. It was.

He came from consulting, a…

We created this amazing booklet for our CodeNewbie conference, Codeland. You can download the PDF here. It’s got the standard conference program stuff, like a schedule and abstracts for all the talks, but it also has terms, resources, and cheatsheets. It was a hit.

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Here’s how I came up with the idea:

We didn’t call it church, we called it Kingdom Hall.

We went there at least once a week, usually twice, sometimes three times. There were rows of beige chairs in a humble room devoid of the usual rich, colorful tapestry of places of worship. There was no stained glass or statues of Jesus. I don’t remember if there…

I’ve been working on the CodeNewbie Challenge (aka #CNC2018) for months. It’s a project to help coders do one of four things: start coding, code more, blog more, or get a job.

You pick a challenge, and over the course of 5, 7, or 9 weeks, you get a weekly mission with reading, research, and a homework assignment to help you reach your goal. It’s based on powerful questions, guided research, and curated resources to help point you in the right direction.

Saron Yitbarek

developer, creator of CodeNewbie

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