Odd Topic: WWE Man Butts and Divas

I tweeted something cheeky last night (if you can’t enjoy a good pun then leave).

Let’s be honest, Randy Orton’s behind makes you want to sell your soul to whichever entity will buy it. You wouldn’t mind having a dream about Dolph Ziggler doing squats, and John Cena’s backside is something you want to see.

Why else would you watch wrestling? For the passionate, beautiful free-spirited women doing dynamic and athletic moves that men are unable to accomplish. Psshh. No one wants to watch female athletes at the top of their league dominate the ratings and competition. We’re only in it for the man butts.

Seventy percent of all Monday Night Raw matches have men butts. The other 30 percent have raw determination and will. As a heterosexual female viewer, I don’t turn on Monday Night Raw to see Nikki Bella put Naomi in an Alabama Slam. I don’t watch to see Paige take Alicia Fox out with a PTO. I’m not here for the positive role models and female empowerment. I watch to see Cesaro in a speedo.

Sure, the Divas of WWE are captivating, good-hearted women who promote female participation in sports and positive body image, but that shouldn’t take away from the timely panning of the camera toward Roman Reigns’ derriere.

I know Paige is holding it down for the underground, giving women of all ages who feel like outcasts a person to admire, but…THIS IS MY HOUSE! And my remote. And my television. So I want to see Seth Rollins bend over and show me what he’s working with because spandex.

No thank you WWE for giving me a weekly reminder of how the Divas are changing the way audiences view women in sports and entertainment. Their presence combined with the media storm surrounding the inspiring Ronda Rousey is enough to make me voice my opinion online.

I don’t want to see the sports world change for the better. I just want to see WWE man butts.

Originally posted on sarasayingstuff.blogspot.com

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