Twenty-Fifteen: All The Prizes (July)

Twenty-Fifteen is a collection of short pieces that focus on each month of this year. Every piece is about a moment that greatly impacted my life or is the most memorable. This is July.

My emotions are too visible on my face. 
I need to leave.

It’s a familiar setting, family and friends gathered together at a neighborhood party. 
I have avoided it for years, but it is the summer of my return. 
At least this year there are veggie burgers.

We take shelter from the sun in my great-aunt and uncle’s garage. 
The stage is set in front of us. 
The other families look on in envy. 
I sit across from my cousins and listen to them chatter about nothing important.

Swirling the iced tea in my cup, I put my feet up and sit back. 
Might as well get comfortable. 
My excitement is waning.

I take notice of the kitchenware and other objects under the stage table.
I see a few things that would look good in my home. 
As if he read my mind, the event organizer comes to the stage and announces the games will begin.

This is why my family wakes up every morning. 

The air in the garage becomes electric. 
What can we win?
What do we want?

All of it.

Hula hoop competition: W
Mini Golf Putt: W

If we enter, we win. 
We put the kitchenware in the house.
The other families look on in disgust.

Soon the raffle prizes are brought out. 
Hats, purses, shirts, and a huge bottle of vodka.

About $400 worth of items. 
It’s about to be fun.

First Ticket: W
Second Ticket: W
Third Ticket: L 
Fourth Ticket: W

We’re cheering and shouting the family name. 
If the other families didn’t hate us before, they do now.

Fifth Ticket: W
Sixth Ticket: W

It doesn’t stop until we have everything. 
Hats, purses, shirts, vodka.

We win it all.

I’m smiling. 
Not because we won, but because we won together.
I grab an ice cream sandwich and settle into my chair. 
I think I can stay a bit longer.

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