Twenty-Fifteen: Goodbyes and Celebrations (May)

Credit: Mom

Twenty-Fifteen is a collection of short pieces that focus on each month of this year. Every piece is about a moment that greatly impacted my life or is the most memorable. This is May.

Commonwealth Avenue flies by as I fidget with my tassel. 
Next stop Boston University Central.
I’m excited. 
Today is the day.

I tuck my graduation gown under my legs to make more room for my sister. 
She looks out of place on the subway.
She wobbles in her seat, but holds on to the handrail like I tell her and drinks her tea.
I text my mother that we’re on our way.

Having my family here for my graduation is one of the biggest hassles of my life. 
But I love them, and I would only go through this for them. 
Plus, I get to share the city of Boston.

Next stop Boston University West. 
I tap my sister on the arm to let her know this is our stop. 
I take a deep breath as I step off the subway train. 
I’m graduating today.

I can hear the music start. 
We’re lining up. 
107? 108? Start moving!
I’m graduating college.

The entrance gets closer. 
The music is louder. 
There’s so many people.

I follow the line to my seat. 
I scan the crowd for my family. 
I know it’s a long shot bu — 

They’re sitting right next to my section. 
I’m so excited. 
I wave to them then adjust my cap. 
I’m graduating.

I meet up with my family after the ceremony. 
My mom’s face is red and puffy.
My mom cried so hard my sister moved her seat.

I pull my diploma out of the envelope. 
All I feel around me is happiness.

I graduated.