Twenty-Fifteen: Mosh It All Away (August)

Twenty-Fifteen is a collection of short pieces that focus on each month of this year. Every piece is about a moment that greatly impacted my life or is the most memorable. This is August.

I’ve been to concerts alone before. 
I’m not worried. 
I love Rise Against. 
I love the Palladium.

Standing on the floor brings back so many memories though.

We were in high school. 
His dad dropped us off to see A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon. 
We were on the other side of the stage. 
We jumped around and sang. 
We moshed to our favorite songs and jumped in the circle pit together. 
He lost his shoe. 
I found it when everyone cleared out at the end go the night.

A great memory. 
Brings back a lot of feelings, 
But I’m going to make new memories.

The stage is being set up for the first band. 
They’re the best band to see live. 
I took him to see them. 
We listened to them on the drives from Boston to Philadelphia.

More feelings, but I just want to have a good time.

I mosh. 
I sing. 
I dance.

I get out all of my frustration with every drop and guitar riff.

I forget him.

Rise Against plays “Swing Life Away.”
I’m a new person.

I have memories of the entire night. 
I go to concerts alone. 
I do not worry.

I remember.

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